What is a HIMSS Chapter Committee?     

A HIMSS Chapter Committee is a standing committee of a local HIMSS Chapter that provides an emphasis on issues of interest and concern to our members and the local health IT Community. Participating in an existing local HIMSS chapter provides an opportunity to achieve a closer working relationship with other leading health IT professionals, clinicians, academia, vendors, and consultants on a local and national level.

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The primary mission of a HIMSS Chapter Committee is to provide critical networking, involvement, thought leadership, and educational opportunities that enhance the practice of health IT for members and the organizations they support on both a local and national level. Each committee is designed to offer members varying degrees of experience, education, awareness, resources, and thought leadership on a specific topic. 


  • To provide an opportunity for sharing information, viewpoints, and experiences
  • To provide structured educational opportunities (preferably with continuing education credit)
  • To provide opportunities for members to actively participate in HIMSS Society activities and collaborate with other professionals
  • To facilitate the emergence and growth of health IT topics 
  • To support current individual member's professional initiatives
  • To support current organizational members' employee and company initiatives
  • To effectively communicate with and support the initiatives and efforts of other members and organizations
  • To support the advancement and awareness of all members and topics relevant in the health IT community

Volunteer Requirements

  • Membership is required to participate as a committee volunteer.
  • Time commitment varies from committee to committee and on average, the time expected is up to four (4) hours per month 
  • Each committee will hold at least one one-hour virtual meeting per month

Available Committees

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