HIMSS Advocacy

HIMSS Chapter Advocacy

The HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Task Force is comprised of chapter advocates from U.S. and Canadian HIMSS chapters and provides opportunities to amplify HIMSS’s public policy priorities through outreach and relationship building—both grassroots with government officials, and grasstops with thought leaders and non-profit organizations. Task Force members serve as a strong, coordinated voice and respected source of information on health information and technology, influencing state, provincial and local policy. The task force meets monthly and provides an opportunity for networking and peer-to-peer learning.

What do Chapter Advocates do?

    • Research: We conduct nonpartisan analysis and research, and gather information through community conversations, focus groups and more.
    • Education: We organize Chapter Advocacy Days to educate and form relationships with elected officials.
    • Power Building: We leverage individual and collective influence around issues through nonpartisan political messaging, letter writing campaigns, coalition building, and relationship building with government officials, staff and other community leaders.
    • Monitoring: We monitor legislation, policies and practices to identify advocacy and partnership opportunities. 


HIMSS Public Policy Center – Learn more about critical public policy issues, how HIMSS engages in public policy and with governments at all levels, and how members can get involved.


HIMSS Legislative Action Center – Participate in legislative campaigns, track legislation, identify and contact your elected officials, and log your interactions

Get involved!

Transforming healthcare through technology will take all of us working together. Find your niche and start contributing your ideas to HIMSS initiatives and to the national healthcare agenda. Join your peers in one of our vibrant communities, committees or chapters and start making a difference right now!

For more information on HIMSS advocacy activities, please contact us at wa.info@himsschapter.org