Student Engagement Committee


About HIMSS WA Student Engagement Committee

WA Chapter Student Engagement Committee is a standing committee of a local HIMSS Chapter that creates a positive encouraging space for students interested in healthcare and information technology field through providing resources, professional connections and organizing events based on student interests. The link with an existing local HIMSS chapter provides an opportunity for a closer working relationship with other leading health IT professionals, clinicians, academia, vendors, and consultants on a local and national level.

Mission & Objectives

The primary mission of the HIMSS WA Chapter Student Engagement Committee is to Increase student engagement and student membership in WA state by providing resources such as:

  • events based on student interests,
  • connections for professional skill building- interviewing, job finding, resume building,
  • connecting with professional mentors in the HIT field within the WA Chapter and beyond 
  • opportunities through our WA HIMSS annual scholarship program


  • Host 2-3 events per year based on student interests (i.e. career/job exploration before graduation, understanding the variety of job roles available in the field, continuing education and certification resources).
  • Create sense of community for WA HIMSS students through networking, gaining knowledge, mentorship, fellowship. 
  • Provide resources to students such as opportunities for professional skill building to help when transitioning post-graduation, scholarship program opportunities, connection with professional mentors in the HIT field.

Program Focus

  • Student interests and resources
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Events and demonstrations
  • Educational programs
  • Mentoring and fellowship


Work with the Chapter Board of Directors to schedule meetings and educational sessions. Topics are determined by the level of interest based on membership feedback. An attempt to schedule meetings in conjunction with HIMSS Chapter meetings is strongly encouraged. Student Engagement Committee members should also attend Chapter meetings and events. An invitation for other HIMSS members to participate is encouraged. Meetings will be held quarterly.

Sister Organizations

Communication with and participation in the endeavors of other existing organizations is strongly encouraged. This cooperation should help strengthen and unify the voice and pursuits of students interested the HIT industry and other related career areas on a national level.


We would like to extend a invitation to become a part of this effort. Any student involved with or interested in HIT initiatives is encouraged to become a member. Please contact Jen Garcia, Scholarship Chair should you have additional information or APPLY NOW to become a member.