Programs Committee


About HIMSS WA Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is a standing committee of a local HIMSS Chapter that provides educational and networking opportunities for our members and potential members. The link with an existing local HIMSS chapter provides an opportunity for a closer working relationship with other leading health IT professionals, clinicians, academia, vendors, and consultants on a local and national level.

Mission & Objectives

The primary mission of a HIMSS Programs Committee is to increase engagement within our member community by providing critical networking and educational opportunities focused on the exchange of information, ideas, best practices, and career development on both a local and national level. Integration and active involvement with other healthcare professionals and health IT leaders is also maximized.


  • To provide members opportunities for sharing information, viewpoints, and experiences
  • To provide structured educational opportunities (preferably with continuing education credits)
  • To provide opportunities to actively participate in HIMSS Society activities and collaborate with other professionals
  • To facilitate the emergence and growth of HIT topics within the industry
  • To effectively communicate with and support member HIT initiatives and efforts both locally and nationally
  • To support the advancement and awareness of HIT topics with networking and educational resources at the Chapter level

Program Focus

  • Networking opportunities
  • Events and demonstrations
  • Educational programs
  • Additional information regarding Certification and advanced continuing education credits


Work with the Chapter Board of Directors to schedule meetings and educational sessions. Topics are determined by the level of interest based on membership feedback. An attempt to schedule meetings in conjunction with HIMSS Chapter meetings is strongly encouraged. Program Committee members should also attend Chapter meetings and events. An invitation for other HIMSS members to participate is encouraged. Meetings will be held monthly in the Seattle area.

Sister Organizations

Communication with and participation in the endeavors of other existing organizations is strongly encouraged. This cooperation should help strengthen and unify the voice and pursuits of women in IT on a national level.


Membership is comprised of health IT professionals who are HIMSS Chapter members and cybersecurity professionals. Other IT professionals closely involved, interested in, or have working relationships with cybersecurity teams may be included if desired. Open membership to students/new health IT professionals interested in HIT is encouraged.

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