Seattle College | HIMSS Speaker Pool Collaboration

Monthly Health IT Student Check-In and/or High School Recruitment Panels

We have an opportunity to make a positive impact in our community by partnering with Seattle Children's and the Seattle Colleges. Together they have created a unique and significant academic program that is creating student access for under-represented communities, students who might not otherwise have access to careers in Healthcare IT now have a pathway.

Your assistance is needed! The program is looking for health industry leaders who would be interested in participating in the program through a series of webinars and panel discussions. Over the next 6 months there are opportunities each month to join the program for an hour-long engagement based on the attached schedule.

For more information, please visit our webpage using the below link:
Health Information Technology (Health IT) | Seattle Colleges

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Event Dates

Monthly Student Check-Ins

  • January 10th Lecture (Education Pathing): Healthcare IT professionals who have educational experiences to share.
  • February 14th Lecture (Careers in IT): Professionals who have experienced career growth in Health IT share their stories.
  • March 13th Lecture (Speaking from Professionals in the Community): Professionals working in Health IT provide real-world perspectives of the field.
  • April 10th Lecture (Resume Building): Professional share their expertise in crafting impactful resumes.
  • May 8th Lecture (Interview Training): Professionals provide interview training and preparation tips.
  • June 5th Lecture (Career Fair): Opportunity for Health IT Cohort to meet potential employers virtually.

All Monthly Student Check-Ins are virtual and held 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

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Federal Way Onsite School Visits

Introduction to Health IT Profession to current high school students to potentially recruit for Health IT Certification.

  • Todd Bearner High School: Tuesday Jan 16
  • Thomas Jefferson High School: Tuesday Feb 13
  • TAF@Saghalie: Tuesday Feb 20
  • Decatur High School: Tuesday Mar 19
  • Federal Way High School: Tuesday Apr 16

Times vary depending on site. Please reach out for more information.

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All Monthly Student Check-In virtual events will have the following agenda:

  • Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Welcome and opening remarks by the moderator.
    • Brief introduction of the panelists.
  • Setting the Stage (7 minutes):
    • Moderator provides context for the discussion topic.
    • Panelists share their perspectives on the importance of the topic.
  • Panelist Q&A and Discussions (15 minutes):
    • Each panelist takes turns discussing key aspects of the topic.
    • Moderator facilitates a dynamic conversation among the panelists.
  • Audience Interaction (10 minutes):
    • Q&A session where the audience can ask questions.
    • Social media engagement (if applicable).
  • Key Takeaways (5 minutes):
    • Each panelist summarizes their main points.
    • Moderator highlights key insights from the discussion.
  • Closing Remarks (3 minutes):
    • Thanking the panelists and the audience.
    • Promoting future events or discussions.

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